The official reiterated that the final cut version of “Paradise disco” will be released in March

At the TGA awards ceremony last year, game developer zaum announced that the ultimate clip of blissful disco will be launched in march2021. But since then, zaum has not made too much new news public, and the recent delays in various games have caused many players to worry that "blissful disco: the final clip" will not be released as scheduled.

However, the final clip was confirmed to be released in March, according to a recent release by the game development team on discord.

The official reiterated that the final cut version of

Mikk metsniit, the Distribution Director of zaum, said the team remained silent because they needed to coordinate their work in various aspects to ensure that the “blissful disco: final clip edition” can be correctly distributed on each platform (the final clip is planned to log on to PC and host platforms), so that players on each platform can have a good game experience. According to mikk metsniit, the reason why he reiterated the March sales day was because he saw a lot of false rumors, they are now trying to ensure the quality of the game, thanks for your support.

The official reiterated that the final cut version of

The ultimate clip edition of blissful disco supports full English dubbing, game handle manipulation and more localized language options. This version will provide free upgrades to all players who have previously purchased the original game, adding a series of new content such as new tasks, new roles, new clothes, new passes, additional 150000 English word texts, etc.