The producer of “God of war 4” praised

As the best game of the year in 2018, "ares 4" has great influence in the world, and the elderly version of Kratos created by it can also be said to be very impressive. Recently, twitter began to spread a picture, all called it human Kratos.

Nick offerman, actor of NBC sitcom Park and entertainment (right)

The producer of

Recently, NBC sitcom “Park and entertainment” actor Nick offerman uploaded a picture of himself on twitter. After Netizens found that he was very similar to Kratos in “ares 4”, he began to spread wildly. Even “ares 4” producer Cory Balrog couldn’t help praising: “if you say ‘Oh, boy’ again, you’ll be invincible!”

The producer of

The above photo is consistent with kuiya’s trademark baldness and thick beard, which can be said to be carved in the same mold with kuiya’s resolute eyes. Nick offerman will be a good choice if Sony wants to make a live action movie of warlord in the future.