The representative suggested setting up a “Chinese character Festival” to enhance teenagers’ cultural confidence and pride

Recently, Enron, deputy to the National People's Congress and professor of the school of international education of South China University of technology, put forward a special proposal: to set the annual Guyu solar term (April 20) as the "Chinese character Festival" and hold celebration activities, so as to enhance teenagers' cultural confidence and national pride. At the same time, it can also make more Chinese, overseas Chinese and foreigners understand Chinese characters, feel Chinese culture, and play an important role in the pattern of cultural openness.

NPC deputy Enron

The representative suggested setting up a

Enron said: “the construction of international discourse system is very important, especially for a big country such as China, what we strive for is not only the right to” speak “, but also the right to” express “to a certain extent, and to have influence and effectiveness in the world.”

The representative suggested setting up a

With the improvement of comprehensive national strength, Chinese has received more and more attention in the world. For example, from January 25, 2021, Chinese has officially become the official language of the world tourism organization of the United Nations.

In fact, as early as 2010, the United Nations Department of public information launched the United Nations language day, and set the Chinese day at the “Guyu” of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar to commemorate the contribution of Cangjie, the “ancestor of Chinese characters”. The establishment of “Chinese character Festival” can complement and complement “Chinese day”.

Enron pointed out: “in this case, we should take the initiative to promote Chinese and Chinese, pay more attention to language work, especially foreign promotion and education, build a more open and inclusive cultural construction values, from cultural consciousness, cultural self-confidence to cultural self-improvement, build a socialist cultural power with Chinese characteristics, build an international discourse power, and enhance cultural competitiveness Soft power. “

Chinese characters belong to the morpheme syllabic characters of ideographic characters, one of the oldest characters in the world, with a history of more than 6000 years. It is the longest used character so far, and the only inheritor in the major character systems of ancient times. After a long period of evolution, Chinese characters have gradually changed from figure to stroke, from pictograph to symbol, from complexity to simplicity, and from form, meaning to sound.