“The rise of Fennis” free trial online history low discount opening

Ubisoft officially announced the launch of the free trial version of "Watanabe: the rise of Fennis", landing on major platforms to explore the secrets of Cyclops on a brand new island! At the same time, in the history of the rise of givennes, we welcome the trial of the gods in the complete version. The first DLC trial for this work has also been released. Finns will get four new upgraded abilities to become a member of the gods through the experience of the gods.

“Watanabe: the rise of Fennis” trial Promo:

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“The rise of givenness” sale begins! 6.7 fold up! The original price of the standard edition is 298 yuan, but now it only costs 199.66 yuan. The original price of gold is 3940.498 yuan. Players will play the leading role of Fennis, saving the Greek gods from the curse of darkness. Challenge the mythical beast, master the legendary power of the gods, and in an epic war against tifeng, the most dangerous Titan in Greek mythology.