The robot simulator “mecha master” is expected to go online on March 25

Join the most popular industry in the future! Repairing cars is out of date, and repairing machine talents are the real way to get rich. By solving all kinds of complex robot faults, he gained a good reputation in the industry and eventually became a veritable "mecha master". The robot simulator "mecha master" is developed by polyslash, an independent Polish game R & D company, and is supported by HbG in the national region. Steam is expected to go online on March 25. At the same time, "mecha master: Prologue" is offering a free trial, and the current reviews are highly praised.

The delicate and complex mecha design belongs to the brilliant of mechanical enthusiasts

The robot simulator

Polyslash has designed a variety of exquisite and complex large robots for “mecha master”. Almost every part and joint can be disassembled and assembled. As a mecha technician, players will be able to experience the fun of dismantling, repairing and improving giant machines.

The robot simulator

If you are a mechanical or robot enthusiast, I believe you can also experience polyslash’s attentiveness and attention to details from these machines. These giant machines belong to the machinery enthusiasts.

The robot simulator

After all kinds of challenges, you will build your own company and lead it to glory. Now start building your own cutting-edge mecha, the most advanced robot in the world.

The robot simulator

Clean up, renovate, repair You must master the skill of repairing mecha

The robot simulator

As a skilled mechanic, your job is to check the parts and find out which ones need to be replaced. Remove damaged parts and order new But remember that even the most damaged things can be reused. Clean them up, renovate them, repair them, and make them work again.

Some work orders will allow you to paint some mecha, while others will need to be upgraded to prepare for their new work. There are many kinds of mecha in the mecha technician simulator. They have different uses. Improve your reputation and get more complex and advanced machinery.

Create your company and become the top presence in the mecha industry

As your workshop becomes more and more prestigious, large companies are less and less interested in seeing your business flourish. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and compete with the biggest companies. Let’s see who can build the most advanced mecha in the future!

There has to be income to sustain spending. Your workshop will need some improvement, and the resources are not cheap. The parts of mecha are always damaged, and the customer’s expectations are constantly rising. If you don’t want to be defeated by your competitors, work hard!

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