“The sea of Thieves” players exceeded 20 million, new updates online, crazy gifts

Recently, Microsoft and rare announced that after the launch of "the sea of Thieves" in March 2018, so far, the number of players in the game has exceeded 20 million.

In order to thank the players for their support in the past three years, the government has prepared many gifts and rewards for the players. The final update of the first season of the sea of thieves was launched on March 18, bringing the mysterious sand sea collection, golden curse parrot, Alsatian dog, etc.

The new update fixes many problems with the game. For example, the flag of the emissary will not float away when it is hit by a mobile warship. After the crew is injured by other players or skeletons, the crew’s status plate can accurately display the status information. The update also improves server performance and reduces latency during the game.

This update brings sand sea collection, golden curse parrot, Alsatian dog, etc. to the pirate mall, as well as a free hilarious expression. Players who land in the game from March 18 to 25 will receive the anniversary gift of Captain rich’s sails.