The second chapter of “ancient gods” in Destroyer: Eternity may be on sale on March 18

According to the latest rumor, the second chapter of DLC "ancient gods" in Destroyer: eternity will be on sale next week.

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The second chapter of

Lumia revealed that the second chapter of “ancient gods” in “destroyer: Eternity” will be on sale on March 18. It also shares a new screenshot that has never been seen before, adding some credibility to the revelation.

The second chapter of

The first chapter of “ancient gods” of DLC was launched in October last year, landing on PC and mainframe. Steam is sold for 79 yuan in national area, and supports simplified Chinese. Recently, it has been evaluated as “mixed”.

“The ancient gods, Chapter 1 is the first battle expansion package of the acclaimed destroyer: eternity.

Your war is not over The overthrow of Queen Meck led to an imbalance of power, endangering all creation. Hell Legion destroys heaven and threatens to control other dimensions. With the help of old allies, we will fight back to urdak and reverse the fate of the universe. You’re going to fulfill your mission.

new task

Fight the devil forever and experience new tasks. Fight back to Meck’s territory, take revenge on the devil and face up to your biggest challenge. Defeat powerful new threats, restore the order of heaven, eradicate the evil forces that make the universe into chaos.

New location

From the torrential rain on the earth’s oceans at the United Space Company’s Atlantis facility industrial terminal, to the blood marshes full of corpses in hell, to the devastated ruins of the demon polluted urdak, you can go to epic new sites to eliminate the hells.

New enemy

The new threat from hell makes the battle deeper and more challenging. You need to change your tactics to deal with it. For example, the erratic enemies like ghosts can provide gains for other demons, increase their strength and speed, as well as the blood Mack, the polluted Mack angel with powerful throwing weapons, can throw out through the thunder like power.

The ancient gods, Chapter 1, doesn’t need the destroyer: eternity to run.