“The temple of heroes” has sold 6 million sets, and the first large-scale update is under development

It has been six weeks since the Viking theme cooperative survival game "the temple of heroes" was launched. Steam has been the first to experience it, and it is still in a dominant state. Developer iron

Gate studio said it has sold 6 million sets since its launch in early February, making “the temple of heroes” the highest selling PC game in 2021 so far.

In today’s development progress update, iron

The gate team said they were still fixing bugs and other problems, and revealed the roadmap for the first major update of the temple of Heroes: “homeland.”. The home update will focus on the food preparation phase, adding new recipes and materials for fortress construction.

This should be one of the materials. This picture is included in the progress update article.

It’s not clear whether it’s bow carving or castle decoration (or something completely different), but it looks like hugin, the Raven who provides tutorial tips and world information to players in the temple of the spirits.

There is no target launch date for the home update, but it is the first of four to be launched this year.