“The tenants” is a rental business empire simulator game. Free trial version launched on March 10!

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The new game project developed by district is about to be released. You will get a good chance to try it!

“The tenants” can be said to be a landlord simulator, now in front of you! Don’t miss it!

Decorate, rent, solve any problem of guest room. Build your own rental business empire step by step! It’s easy to make a mistake to be a landlord! It’s a big mistake! You will face a lot of headache problems, but to be patient, you must keep calm, professional, and be prepared for all emergencies! Start from the humble residence and find your first tenant!

Gradually become a real estate tycoon, management area many buildings. Do you think that’s the only way? It’s a big mistake! It’s just the beginning of the four areas in the game! Step by step, each area will encounter more powerful challenges.

This is just a brief introduction to the tenants. The real fun is only known through personal experience! If you like games that need to plan and solve problems, then the tenants

Tenants is going to make you laugh. The game also provides many functions related to decoration, investment and real estate management.

“At last, we can mainly adjust the balance, Polish various mechanisms, and hunt the last few annoying bugs. We are confident that we have successfully solved all the major problems we heard from players during the internal testing and we are anxiously waiting for the release date. We are very excited that our community can finally see what we have been brewing for the past two years. 」

——Dushan Chaciej

Creative director of urban forge studio

To learn about the development process and official release information of the tenants, please pay attention to the steam and Gog pages of the game!

About studio English:

Urban forge studio is a video game development studio from Poland, which is composed of Max strzelecki and Dushan

Chaciej was founded in 2018. Under the leadership of senior game developers, the studio mainly focuses on complex games. In terms of game platform, we focus on high-quality PC games, and our core principle is to create games that the team is fascinated by. Glorious, released in steam in 2019

This has been proved by the pilot version of companies and the new work the tenants, which we have developed in cooperation with frozen district.

About frozen District:


District is an independent game development studio. The studio is full of video game fans. The team is led by the demand of creating game works and is full of enthusiasm and respect for game players. Thanks to the company’s unique atmosphere and non-traditional workflow, the studio can maintain the freshness of the game industry, and apply these accumulated experience to the development of works.