The trailer of “ancient puzzle wolf 4: the time has come” shows the special functions of ps5

At the beginning of this month, toys for Bob announced that the game "puzzle wolf 4: time has come" released last year will be launched on ps5 and Xbox series on March 12

XS and NS platforms will also be launched on PC platform within this year.

The trailer of

At Sony’s latest state of

In the live broadcast of play, Activision demonstrated the effect of this 3D platform jumping game in the 1990s on the ps5 host, as shown in the following Trailer:

In addition to 4K and 60fps effects, Gu Huo Lang 4 will also support 3D sound effect and fast reading function on ps5. In addition, toys for

Bob will also take advantage of the unique functions of the ps5 host, such as the adaptive trigger of the dualsense handle and the active card function of the ps5 system UI. With XBOX

Like the one version, players who already own the PS4 version of the game can upgrade directly when the ps5 version is on sale without having to buy it.