The unique playing method of “Tianming Qiyu 2”, a domestic martial arts stand-alone

Ink dye the judge's pen, fight with the sword! The original martial arts stand-alone game Tianming Qiyu 2, which is self-made and developed by jiashanlin entertainment, today (March 22) released the unique "thinking interaction" playing method of the game and released the real machine interactive video.

Real machine demonstration:

The unique playing method of

“Tianming Qiyu 2” is a real-time role-playing game, which is the latest sequel of the domestic single machine martial arts game “Tianming Qiyu”. Players will play the role of unruly youth in the game, while secretly investigating the reasons why their father was framed, while completing their parents’ will to eradicate corrupt officials and treacherous ministers.

The unique playing method of

For the players of “destiny strange Royal”, showing is one of the most impressive ways to play. In the game, every new item obtained by the player has clues or rumors. According to the clues or rumors, the player will find the relevant characters and show the items to the corresponding characters correctly, which will unlock the rumors or tasks. These unlock rumors or tasks can always bring unexpected surprises to the players and make them harvest a full sense of achievement.

The unique playing method of

This time, Tianming Qiyu II not only retains the “show” playing method, but also adds various types of interaction modes such as “Yunjin”, “percussion” and “lighting”. Moreover, players may get different results by using different interaction modes for the same object in the game. A small interactive choice may trigger the butterfly effect, involve different plot development, and finally lead to an unexpected ending. With the increase of interaction mode, Tianming Qiyu 2 has more testability and makes every interaction of players more meaningful.

The unique playing method of

In addition to having higher exploratory and richer playing methods than before, players can also collect more clues through these interactive functions, and then put together complete intelligence through thinking and interaction. These intelligence can be used to promote the development of the plot, complete the mission of talent, small can solve all kinds of problems in the game, find out the hidden eggs!

There is no public listing date for Tianming Qiyu II, and more details and news will be released in the future. The official microblog and QQ group have been fully opened, and all players who are looking forward to and love Tianming Qiyu II are welcome to join. Follow the official microblog to get the latest information!

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