“The war of gosra” uses monster perspective to avoid too much human being

Recently, Adam wingard, director of "Godzilla vs. King Kong", revealed in an interview with foreign media collider that the film will make a lot of use of the perspective of monsters, avoiding the perspective that can only reflect human beings.

Director Adam wingard said that there are a lot of scenes in the film from the perspective of King Kong, instead of cutting to the human role, “he is like a man in the middle We can experience things through it.

According to wingard, one of his main points in making the film is to see Godzilla and Vajra as real characters, not only as “huge props in the background, or just big monsters”, but as they have their own characters and a certain line of “what can be done, what can not be done”.

He thinks that King Kong can evoke emotional resonance. What he sees and feels in his eyes can make the audience empathize. “So we can treat it like any character, and human beings have been supporting this.” for example, the little girl who can directly communicate with King Kong, who has spiritual connection with King Kong, and the child who can communicate with powerful things are the same It’s an image of a movie.

“Godzilla vs. King Kong” will be released in North America on March 31, and it will also be launched on HBO Max streaming media platform at the same time. It has been determined in China, and the introduction schedule is yet to be determined.