“The war of the hall” endless state model has been updated free of charge! New play, new content wait for you to challenge!

"Battle of the hall" is a roguelike developed by mixed realms, a Singapore team, acting as the coconut island game agent

Card RPG. With solid play, the game has been highly praised since it was launched in March 2020 by EA first-class experience, and the score has been maintained at 92.

This reputation is naturally inseparable from the careful maintenance of developers. Since the launch, developers have read every evaluation and feedback, and have taken into account the issues mentioned by all of us, such as game balance and long game process. After months of brewing, development and testing, endless national model was born.

More aggressive and deadly challenges

In the original game mode of “battle records of the hall of high hall”, in the “classic campaign” mode, every game is a huge adventure which takes dozens of hours. So at the request of some players, this time, we have launched a more sophisticated “endless country” mode.

This model uses the same concept of fighting squadron and card fighting system as the classic campaign, but excludes all kinds of tasks and stories, which brings us a new experience of more efficient and rapid and more intense stimulation.

Break through layers, return with full load

When exploring and challenging in endless countries, players will be rewarded with prestige. After this update, reputation is no longer a currency dedicated to upgrading heroes. Every time you complete (or partially) a round of games, you will receive a certain amount of prestige as a reward.

Reputation can be used to unlock the artifact. The artifact is a prop that can bring global gain and effect to your team. Once unlocked, it will be permanently owned, making your team stronger. Make full use of the effect of the artifact, and you will be able to go further in the future risks.

New role on the stage

Kudor salutes you! His people also call themselves blood witches or crazy witches. They are the side branches of the tribe. Because they live in the environment of water scarcity all day, the time of death is like shadow on top of their heads. They must learn to manipulate the blood of life to protect themselves, or as weapons. Kudor rarely talks. From the news you can hear, he seems to have a lot to do with the evil believers that the protagonist is following.

In addition, this update also brings a lot of balance adjustment, gain system, card advanced system, level promotion and other details, etc., waiting for you to explore and find out in the game.

In the future development, the game will bring more heroes, the bondage system between heroes, more influential random events, subsequent chapter updates and PvP mode.

The latest information on the war of high court is introduced here. Now come with your heroes to challenge the evil vortex and write down your own war through the vortex door. You want to know more about the future development plan and the latest developments of the game. Welcome to the official micro-blog official account of the coconut island game player or join the high court war game fans group (72549819 9) , share adventure experience!