The Xbox series X handle is finally broken and fixed by official update

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After XS came into the market, some users encountered the problem of random handle disconnection. Players in the process of the game handle suddenly black, need to re connect is absolutely very affect the feel of the experience. Fortunately, the problem has now been fixed, and Microsoft says it has solved it in its recent Xbox upgrade.

The Xbox series X handle is finally broken and fixed by official update

Jason, Xbox Project Manager

Ronald confirmed on twitter that this problem has been fixed, but it’s strange that this message didn’t appear in the upgrade log. Ronald said the upgrade “fixed a lot of player feedback about handle disconnection.”. He also asked Xbox users to continue to provide feedback, implying that the communication and help of the Xbox community enabled him and the team to solve the problem.

It’s important to note that Ronald said the update fixes “a lot of problems” rather than all of them. That is to say, there may still be potential problems that his team has not found, or it may be that he has noticed that some problems that may further lead to disconnection cannot be fixed temporarily. So if Xbox users encounter any problems, they need to give feedback as soon as possible, and hope that this upgrade has fixed most of the problems.

In any case, the issue of the handle disconnection should be very tricky, because it lasted as long as two months before Xbox publicly admitted that the problem existed. A representative said in early January that the team had been “trying to find a solution”. Two months later, the team released an update to fix the problem. In other words, it may take some Xbox members four months to solve the problem.