The Xbox version of “nilong: a collection of masters” supports 4K and super 60fps images

Last month, Rongrong released the Ninja dragon master collection, including Ninja Dragon Sword sigma, ninja Dragon Sword sigma 2, ninja dragon sword 3: edge of the blade, as well as most of the previous game modes and DLC clothing. Recently, the luxury version made in Japan has been put on the shelves of Microsoft mall, confirming that "master Naruto collection" supports 4K and super 60fps images on the Xbox host. The deluxe version of the game will include a digital art book and original vocal music.

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The Xbox version of

Ninja said that there was no plan to develop a new series of “enduring dragon”, which led to speculation that they were seeking to revive the action series. Since 2012’s Ninja dragon sword 3: edge of the blade, glory has never launched a true series of games,

The Xbox version of

“Nintendo master collection” will go on sale on June 10, landing on PS4, Nintendo switch, Xbox one and PC steam!