This year 39 smartphones will use AMOLED displays

According to the latest data of trendforce, AMOLED is becoming more and more popular in the mid market with competitive price, according to foreign media Neowin

The number of AMOLED smartphones will reach 39. It found that a-Si LCD models still have demand in the middle and low-end market, but the market share of LTPS LCD models continues to decline.

This year 39 smartphones will use AMOLED displays

According to the report, in 2019, LTPS LCD penetration will be 40, AMOLED 31 and a-Si LCD 29. AMOLED and a-Si in 2020

LCD increased to 33 and 30 respectively, while LTPS LCD decreased to 37. By 2021, it is estimated that LTPS LCD will continue to decline to 33, AMOLED

It will leap to 39, and a-Si LCD will fall slightly to 28.

Trendforce pointed out that since the second half of 2020, panel suppliers have been actively supporting their rigid AMOLED

With panel pricing, customers’ orders have increased. The agency said it expects AMOLED models to “gradually devour” LTPS LCDs over time

The market share of the model in the mid and high-end mid market leads to the adoption of the technology in low-cost equipment. Analysts also expect flexible AMOLED, currently used in folding screen phones

Panels will continue to be ordered on high-end and flagship phones.

On the topic of smartphone sales, trendforce said that although production is squeezed by a variety of factors, as more and more people are vaccinated and begin to return to the pre epidemic lifestyle, we will see more opportunities

The demand for smart phones will increase in 2021.