“Three Kingdoms kill ol” national play happy online, “smart fight Three Kingdoms” strategy Express

Unconsciously, Three Kingdoms Kill online (hereinafter referred to as "Three Kingdoms kill ol") has been accompanied for 12 years. Players can experience online table games that will never close no matter where they are.

But “Three Kingdoms kill ol” can last 12 years and still get the favor of players. Besides the factors of their own playing methods and excellent quality, they are constantly making innovations, so that the players can get a new game experience after each update.

From late March, the Three Kingdoms kill ol will launch a new “wisdom fight Three Kingdoms” mode, combine “Three Kingdoms kill ol” with classic poker playing method, create a new card card, bring more strategic and faster card playing method! And this activity will be the resident play method of “Three Kingdoms killing ol”, bringing you different card strategy play methods!

Three Kingdoms win the wisdom fight

The Three Kingdoms of Zhidou are the original and new playing methods launched in late March 2021 on the basis of online table games “fighting landlords 2020” in “killing ol of Three Kingdoms”. Moreover, they also have new cards. Previous experience is not necessarily used in this play.

Players will get the initial happy beans from the system for the first time when they enter the game. Of course, they can exchange extra happy beans through silver and Yuanbao. Each victory party of the three countries will get the joy beans with the price multiplied by the multiple of the game. The landlord will also multiply by 2. The loser will lose the corresponding happy beans, but the winner will pay for each game of tickets for the three countries.

Happy beans can be used to exchange various rewards in the mall. The exchange mall will be renewed once a week. In the first week of playing with the law, we can exchange the Martial Arts General Zhang Changpu and the new Three Kingdoms show “card fighting fun” from the mall.

(fun of fighting cards – Three Kingdoms show)

If you have a good hand and have a very high “brand merchant”, you can rely on the winning happy beans white whoring shopping mall of various props and generals.

In the Three Kingdoms of the intellectual fight, each game is divided into three players, one is the landlord and the other two are farmers.

Each player will be randomly issued 3 generals and 20 cards. The pool will be refreshed randomly every week. You can’t disable the general or add equal rank. The game will disable props, which is more fair. After being ready, each player can preview the general and stack, and open the classic “call landlord” link according to their own hand. When calling the landlord, they can only call higher bet value. If someone calls the highest option, they can become the landlords directly.

After determining the landlord, players as farmers can see each other’s selection pool, match and recommend teammates to choose the general according to the game. It is worth noting that each farmer can only choose one general, while the landlord can choose two. After shuffling, everyone can no longer see the stack, each from the pile of cards touch the card, at this time the game officially began.

The result of the game will be settled according to the player’s life value. If the life value of any farmer is zero, the landlord will win, and vice versa, the rhythm is very compact.

Landlords and farmers have their own

The unique feature of the Three Kingdoms is to make the identity gain of landlords and farmers more diverse and detailed, which greatly increases the playability of the game.

The gain of the landowner player is that it will have more than the farmer player, and can use the skills of two generals. At the same time, the initial life value is 4 points. If the landlord selects two initial generals, each of them has a 4-strength general, then the landlord’s starting hand will be 1. As a landlord player, the farmer player can be effectively suppressed by these gains

If the landlords all gather various buffs to strengthen the ability of fighting alone, the unique “crowd gathering” skills of farmers players emphasize the importance of team cooperation. When teammates use a basic card, the players of farmer identity can choose to discard a basic card with the same name to strengthen the effect of this card.

[kill] after strengthening: damage 1;

[flash] after strengthening: after the response flash takes effect, a card of a character will be discarded (executed after the flash takes effect);

[peach] after strengthening: the peach can touch two cards (after settlement with peach);

[wine] the damage and recovery of farmers in this round 1

With this mechanism, the cooperation of two farmers players will also make landowners very headache.

The introduction of identity features adds more strategic and uncertain to the three countries of intellectual combat. Each game is a double test of player luck and strategy.

Three kingdoms’ characteristic card of Zhidou

In order to meet this new play, the Three Kingdoms kill ol also launched five brand-new original cards. Using the characteristics of these cards can often play a decisive role in a blow or turn the situation.

Carry on the future and open the golden bag

In the stage of card issue, choose one item: 1. use yourself, discard all hand cards, and then touch equal amount of cards; 2. use all hand cards as any ordinary gold medal.

The effect of this card 1 can provide a second choice when the hand is not good. Of course, it depends on the player’s luck to draw better cards or worse cards.

Effect 2 is to let players convert all their hand cards into any gold medal, including “Duel”, “bridge breaking through river”, “pulling sheep by hand” and so on. It is worth noting that “impeccable” and “bomb” are not included in it.

In general, this is a high-risk and high return card, as a trick to use may play a good effect, it is not recommended to use without brain.

Attack and defense and reserve the golden bag

In the stage of playing cards, select one item: 1. when all arrows are launched in unison, each player needs to play a flash for all other characters, otherwise, it will be hurt by 1 point; 2. when peach garden is in righteousness, use all characters, and each person will recover 1 point of physical strength.

The effect of this card is simply to be both prosperous and lose. It can play a decisive role in the final stage. For example, when the landlord has only a drop of blood and his blood is still healthy, then the card can be used to fix the sound or consume the landlord’s life-saving means. On the contrary, it can lift himself or his teammates and keep the hope of turning the market.

Go back and move freely

In the stage of card playing, choose one: 1. when Nanman invades, each person needs to play a [kill] card for all other characters, otherwise, it will be hurt by 1 point; 2. when the five grains are abundant, use all the characters, and display three cards from the top of the exclusive card stack, and each person will get one of them.

The effect of this card is similar to that of both attack and defense, but the effect is slightly weaker than both offensive and defensive, and it is more auxiliary. For farmers, it may be a card with good effect.

Bomb bag

Before a card takes effect, it can offset the effect of this card and cannot be responded by [impeccable], and then the game’s bottom price is changed to double the current base price (not exceeding the double limit).

Bomb is the key to the situation, equivalent to the research evolution version also has offensive impeccable, to stay until the critical moment is the best, of course, if farmers play with bomb consumption of some key cards is also a good choice.

Land title armor

At the beginning of the game, put this card in the landlord’s guard; when you are hurt, you can discard it to prevent damage; when the card leaves your armor bar, you destroy it.

This card is the unique buff of the landlord. When encountering fatal injury or enough threat damage, it can protect the landlord once. If used properly, it can completely discard an attack that the farmer player has planned for a long time.

Super fast rhythm, strategic and classic combination of new play wisdom fighting Three Kingdoms, late March, waiting for you to fight!