Three major operators cut price on domestic broadband: optical fiber is getting cheaper and cheaper

According to the latest information released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, China has built the world's largest optical fiber and 4G network, with gigabit optical fiber covering more than 100 million households, and all cities have built optical network cities.

China’s network infrastructure has been further optimized and upgraded, and the Internet penetration rate has exceeded the planning target ahead of schedule. By the end of 2019, the fixed broadband family penetration rate and the mobile broadband user penetration rate will reach 91 and 96 respectively.

Three major operators cut price on domestic broadband: optical fiber is getting cheaper and cheaper

As for the fact that the penetration rate of optical fiber users in China ranks the first in the world, it is mainly the action of speed-up and fee reduction continuously promoted by the three major operators. This is also the task of MIIT for mobile telecom and Unicom, and of course, it is also the assessment of their performance.

The Ministry of industry and information technology has issued the

According to the indicator system of Gigabit urban construction, Gigabit broadband will be deployed in more than 300 cities, and demonstration of Gigabit broadband application will be carried out. In the future, more cities will enjoy cheaper Gigabit broadband, and Beijing has started to implement it.

Before that, the three major operators in Beijing have implemented broadband speed-up and fee reduction measures one after another. Users can use Gigabit broadband at a new low price of 269 yuan per month. Beijing Mobile disclosed that on the basis of the original price of 800 yuan per month, the citizens can enjoy the Gigabit broadband of Beijing mobile free of charge within two years by consuming 288 yuan per month.

If you apply for the 5g free package of 269 yuan, you can also get the 2-year Gigabit broadband of Beijing Mobile, which is only about 30% of the original price of 800 yuan.

As a comparison, Beijing Telecom 5g package Gigabit broadband combination price is 279 yuan per month, Beijing Unicom Gigabit broadband price is relatively high. The monthly rate of Gigabit single broadband is 399 yuan, while the price of 5g package Gigabit broadband is 299 yuan.