Thriller “silent land 2” released in May

The latest news from paramount film official, silent place 2, was put on file in North America until May 28, and its previous work was released in China, and the sequel is expected to be on the domestic cinema.

Land of silence 2, directed by John karacinski, starred Emily brown, Killian Murphy, mirison Simmons, Noah yuppee and jeman hansu.


The silent land 2 continues the silent setting of the land of silence and shows a more grand view of the world. This time, the Evelyn family will leave the hut where they hide, find the next foothold, and the world will hide the opportunities. Whether it is a murderous monster or a vicious unknown human nature, it becomes a difficult problem for them to survive. How can the mother and the son four survive the dangerous The heavy escape trip is a suspense.


Chinese Trailer: