“Thunderbolt baby” female star in SE open world new game “forspoken”

"Project athia", which made its debut at the ps5 game exhibition, also appeared in the square Enix live show "square Enix presentations" held in the early morning of today (March 19). Not only has a brand new video of the game been released, but the name of the game has finally been officially determined as forspoken.

Forspoken Trailer:

Frey, the heroine in the game, is played by Ella balinska, who has played in “Thunderbolt baby”, and is responsible for the action capture and dubbing of the heroine in the game. She revealed that the game was developed and produced by luminous productions, a unit of square Enix. The trailer once again shows the heroine using special effects to move freely at high speed in the open game world and fight with various beasts and monsters.

Forspoken will go on sale in 2022 on PC and ps5 platforms.

Game screenshot: