“Tianming Qiyu 2” official suspense station can be online for game Booking

The domestic martial arts stand-alone game "Tianming Qiyu 2" recently launched the suspense station, which is set in a corner of the city during the Northern Song Dynasty. At present, in the suspense station, players can make an appointment for the game, or have a small puzzle solving trip.

Address of suspense station

The background of “suspense station” is a corner of the city in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the daytime, the young Xia in white clothes stands under the gate of the city and looks at the tower deep in the street. The stone lions on both sides stand in silence and are silent witnesses of the city. At four o’clock, as the sun and the moon rise, the city has changed into a leather bag, and the dense lights are sprinkled on the bricks and tiles of the shops. Can you find the secret hidden in the city, young Xia? “

Suspense station puzzle game is not complex, but only involves a case, interested players can try.

“Tianming Qiyu 2” is planned to go on sale within this year. The R & D team said: “we hope to continue to make progress on the basis of the previous work, and further bring players more sense of innovation, so as to let players get richer and more interesting game experience.”

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