Tina actors talk about “the last survivor 2”: there is no previous 3A series with little girl as the protagonist

"The last survivor 2" is well received by the industry for its outstanding performance and characterization, which creates an unforgettable story. In the game, actress Shannon Mary Woodward of ally's girlfriend Tina shares her thoughts on how "the last survivor 2" can improve the competitive environment of the game narrative.

In the latest podcast of “good game, it’s worth playing”, Shannon Mary ward, the action capture actor of ally’s girlfriend Tina in “last survivor 2”, praises the game developer naughty dog, because “last survivor 2” shows the relationship between LGBTQ in the right way in mainstream games.

Tina actors talk about

Shannon Marie ward performs motion capture for Tina in the last survivor 2

Tina actors talk about

Shannon Mary Ward said: “there has never been a 3A game where a little girl can be the main character, but there are several heroines in the last survivor 2, one is gay, one is bisexual, and we even have a transgender character.

For a long time, the plot of the game has been regarded as the same level as that of the porn. No one really needs it, but the plot of the game is objective. It’s important to be representative of (LGBTQ), and there are other games that do the same, but last survivor 2 is much better. The plot of the last survivor 2 is more interesting. There are many plots that have never been played before. It’s a terrible step forward to open up to different types of stories. “

Shannon Mary ward also pointed out that “last survivor 2” was her first performance in the game. She used to work only in movies and TV series, such as the well received western world. However, she is also a fanatical gamer, especially in biochemical wonder.

Shannon Marie ward now plays both mainstream TV and game roles, but he says these jobs have a “more intimate, more private” feel than working with naughty dogs. Although ward only plays a small role in the last survivor 2, Tina plays an important role in the plot of the game, and he likes playing the game very much.