Todd Howard: radiation 76, if only it starts at XGP

Todd Howard recently talked again about some of the problems with the launch of radiation 76.

Yesterday, at a roundtable on the topic between Xbox and Bethesda, Todd

Todd Howard: radiation 76, if only it starts at XGP

“When [radiation 76] went on sale, we had a series of problems that disappointed a lot of players. To be honest, we messed up everything we could,” Howard said

Although this is not pleasant to hear, it does reflect the situation at that time. Radiation 76 can be said to have perfectly avoided the advantages of radiation: the inhabited world, interesting roles and tasks, which were not available when radiation 76 was launched three years ago.

Now, Howard thinks the acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox will allow the game to be better tested before it goes public. He believes that if radiation 76 could be launched in the Xbox game pass at the beginning, the preliminary work would be extremely simple. He also claimed that radiation 76 is one of the most popular games ever played by Xbox game pass players, which is also a very good result.

Radiation 76 has joined the Xbox game pass subscription service since July 2020. With the acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox, 20 of its games will be added to the Xbox game pass.

Since the launch of radiation 76 in 2018, Bethesda has not given up its efforts. Over the past three years, they have indeed made a lot of updates. They have added NPC, missions, factions, and a number of expansion pieces to the game. For example, the recent “iron dawn” expansion piece has added a series of famous iron brotherhoods to the game.