“Tony Hawk professional skateboard 12 re plate” launched the next generation of enhanced version in March

The "12 re edition of tonyhok professional skateboard" which is sold on PC, PS4 and xboxone platforms in 2020 and has been well received, is officially determined to launch the sub era enhanced version on March 26, and will also land in Nintendo switch in 2021.

New platform notice of “12 times edition of tonihawk professional skateboard”:

It is reported that ps5 and Xbox series X version of “12 remaking” of tonyhock professional skateboard will be able to run at the original 4K resolution @60fps, or choose 1080P@120FPS Mode; Xbox series s resolution is 1440p and the difference can be selected to 4K.

In addition to the improvement of resolution and frame rate, the next generation host version of “12 remaking” of tonihawk professional skateboard also supports dynamic shadows, reflections, and character mapping enhancement and other aspects of upgrading.