Top 20 UK game sales in 2020

According to the article data released by foreign media games industry, more than 3 million game consoles were sold in the UK last year, including 450000 ps5, 310000 xsxs and 1.5 million switches.

The data shows that the host sales of the three platforms in 2020 are better than that of the previous year. About 600000 Xbox (including xb1 and xsxs) hosts were sold, up from 500000 Xbox one last year, with sales of about 118 million pounds. A total of 900000 ps54 units were sold, up from 700000 last year, with ps5 sales of about 191 million pounds. Switch sold 1.5 million units, up from 1 million last year, with sales of about 367.4 million pounds.

Top 20 UK game sales in 2020

In addition to hardware data, UK software sales in 2020 are also disclosed. The best-selling game in the UK in 2020 is Fafa 21, 52 of which are digital versions. Call of duty 17 digital sales accounted for 69. Details of the list are as follows (from left to right are total sales, physical sales, digital sales and the proportion of digital sales)

Top 20 UK game sales in 2020

1.《FIFA 21》

2. Call of duty 17: black action Cold War

3.《GTA 5》

4.《FIFA 20》

5. Call of Duty: Modern War

6. Assemble! Animal Crossing Society

7. Assassin’s Creed: Yingling Temple

8. Last survivor 2

9.《NBA 2K20》

10. Rainbow Six: Siege

11. Wild Escort: Redemption 2

12. Mario 8: luxury

13. Spider man: Miles Morales

14. Real estate tycoon Enhanced Edition

15. The avenger of Marvel

16. Ghost of Malaysia

17. Cyberpunk 2077

18. My world

19. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

20. Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order