“Travelers on the wrong road” global sales exceeded 2.5 million

Square Enix announced today (February 25) that its global cumulative sales (physical and digital) have exceeded 2.5 million. The official also issued a special commemorative map.

“Octopath traveler” is a PRG game developed by skwel Enix and acquire. It was launched on the Nintendo switch platform on July 13, 2018, and then launched a simple and complex Chinese patch on June 7, 2019. It also launched a PC version supporting simple and complex Chinese on June 8, 2019 through steam platform.

“The traveller on the wrong side of the road” is developed with the Unreal Engine 4. The picture adopts the style of combining the retro pixel lattice and 3dcg, which is officially called “hd-2d”. The story of the game takes place in the mainland of osterra. Players need to play one of the eight travelers with different backgrounds, unique skills and different needs to set foot on his or her journey.