“True goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version” capacity exposure PS4 only needs 8.1GB

"True goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version" has been put on sale in Japan before, and will be put on sale in Europe and America on May 25 this year. Persona

Central obtained the Japanese version of the game and learned that the game capacity of “true goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version” is actually relatively small.

Today, when modern 3A games often start at 50-60gb, “true goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version” doesn’t seem to take up too much hard disk space for players, and naturally it doesn’t need to delete some content for it.

PS4 version is 8.1GB, switch version is only 6.7gb, for PC version, the steam page of the game lists the minimum installation capacity of 14GB.

“True goddess reincarnation 3” was first released in 2003 and landed in PS2, which has received good repercussions in business and public praise.