TV animation “dating battle” the fourth quarter of the lead PV announced in October 2021 broadcast

The fourth season of the classic animation "dating battle 4" officially announced today that it will be broadcast in October. At present, the official has released the PV publicity video of the classic animation, showing some characters and cast details.

TV animation “dating battle” Season 4 Promo:

TV animation

The TV animation “dating battle” is adapted from a series of light novels of the same name originally written by Japanese Light novelist tangerine company and illustrated by tsunako. Now it is about to enter the fourth season. “Dating battle 4” will continue to be produced by geektoys, directed by Nakagawa Chun and set as Naoto Nakamura.

TV animation


TV animation

Wuhe Shidao: shinchang, Shimao

TV animation

Ten incense of night Sabre God: Inoue malinai

Yiyuan Origami: Fu Mei Ling

Wuhe Qinli: Zhuda cainai

Sisinai: yeshuiyizhi

Masaki shizaki III: Masaki Shinda

Eight Dances: Masaki Uchida

Eight dance strings: Beauty


Seven sins: true wild

TV animation “dating battle” will be broadcast in October 2021, please look forward to it.