TV animation production lineup of the famous work “Riad earth” traverses the game world

Recently, the government announced that it will make TV animation. The specific date of its launch has not yet been decided. Recently, the official released the production line-up, let's get to know.

¬∑”Riad Lu earth” tells the story of a girl named Wu GUI Cai whose body can only rely on the survival system due to accidents. “She can only move freely in vrmmorpg Riad Lu. One day, however, she lost her life because the life support system stopped.

TV animation production lineup of the famous work

When she woke up, she found that this was the world of Riad Lu that she had played And the world in two hundred years! She investigates what happened in the past 200 years as the high elf kuina, and communicates with the people living in the world and the non player characters she created.

·MAHO film will be responsible for the production of TV animation of Riad recording the earth. The director is yoshihio yanase. Bi an is responsible for the planning and writing of the animation, and the role setting is Jun Xiu. More information about the voice of the characters and the story will be released later. Please look forward to it.