“Two men make a trip” official publicity film “of” co-ordination and its profit and loss of gold “was released

EA, the publisher and developer hazelight studio, recently released a new official promotional film "co-ordinated, and its profits and losses" for the upcoming collaborative platform adventure game "double trip.".

“Double trip” is a new cooperative adventure game created by the winners of “escape from life” and “brother: Twin legend”. Friends play online for free.

Cody and Xiaomei are magically transformed into toys by their daughter Xiaomei. Under the guidance of a self-help book by Dr. Harkin, they try to repair broken feelings, innovate game play, emotional blending story and make you laugh instantly, integrating this platform adventure game that can only be used as a game.

The two person trip was launched on March 26, 2021 in Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox series XS and PC (origin, steam).

Introduction to “double trip”:

Pure and perfect cooperative game – invite friends to play freely through “friends pass” * and experience a surprise adventure created solely for two players, experience the screen display mode, choose local cooperation or online online, and face the changing challenges, unity is the only way to move forward.

Funny and subversive game – from a vacuum cleaner to a wandering love master, you will never know what to encounter in the next step. Each level has a lot of challenges and new character abilities, experiences the metaphorical style of story and play, and promotes the interactive story to unfold slowly.

A common couple story – find sincere feelings in overcoming challenges, help Cody and Xiaomei learn how to overcome their differences, meet various strange and lovely roles, unite and take a risky journey together!

Official publicity film of “co-operation and benefit and gold”_ Chinese captions

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