UAV giant Dajiang North America business turbulence

Beijing time, March 8 news: Recently, according to media reports, in recent months, more than 20 former and current employees of North America company of Dajiang, a Chinese UAV giant, said in an interview that the company had been impacted by internal turmoil, resulting in a large number of layoffs and employee resignations.

In the past 10 years, Dajiang, a Chinese UAV giant, has established a successful business in the United States, driving almost all its competitors out of the market.

UAV giant Dajiang North America business turbulence

Four of the interviewees said that the loss of key management personnel also weakened the once unshakable dominant position of the company, including two senior managers who have been working in the company until the end of 2020. Some of these employees have joined competitors,

According to three former employees and one current employee, in 2020, one third of Dajiang’s 200 member team in North America will be laid off or resign voluntarily. These employees are from offices in Palo Alto, Burbank and New York.

Four people familiar with the matter said that in February this year, the head of R & D in Dajiang United States left. In addition, the company’s U.S. flagship R & D center in Palo Alto, California, laid off the remaining R & D personnel, about 10 people.

Dajiang said it had made a tough decision to reduce its staffing in Palo Alto to reflect the company’s “changing needs.”.

“We want to thank the affected employees for their contribution and will continue to serve our customers and work with our partners,” the company said The company also claims that its North American sales are growing rapidly.

Currently, Dajiang has no comment on other U.S. employee departures mentioned by current and former employees, but the company said last year that its global structure is becoming “unmanageable.”.

In addition, Dajiang’s employees and competitors said that Dajiang has strong brand influence, technology accumulation, manufacturing capacity and sales capacity, so they will not soon lose their dominant position in the U.S. and global non military UAV market. However, it is an indisputable fact that the company has encountered some difficulties in the North American market.

Last year, some other key executives in Dajiang North America also left, including Cynthia Huang, director of business development. In 2018, she was employed as the head of business construction in Dajiang North America.

Cynthia Huang said the company’s layoffs in the past year were the main reason for its decision to leave. “In those days, we lost some people in the wave of layoffs, which was unreasonable,” she said. The continued brain drain is frustrating. “