Ubisoft: blockade 2 will join a new game mode in 2021

The development team of blockbuster 2 today introduced to the players what efforts they will make in terms of content in 2021.

In 2021, the whole territory blockade 2 will still receive development support, and there will be content updates, which Ubisoft disclosed last month.

Ubisoft: blockade 2 will join a new game mode in 2021

Blockbuster 2 will add a new game mode and is “new to the series”. As for the details of the model, the development team did not disclose.

Ubisoft is also developing new ways to upgrade its role in order to “increase diversity and sustainability.”.

These two changes will be added in a big update, which is still in the early stage of development. At present, Ubisoft has set an update target at the end of 2021, and there will be some substantive changes.

In the meantime, the first half of 2021 will be a repetition of previous seasons. Ubisoft explained:

“As we work hard to develop the next content upgrade, we will repeat what we did in the previous second season. That is to say, the following season (the fifth season) will be a repetition of the first season, so that players have the opportunity to collect rewards and collectibles that they may have missed before. It also means that there will be regular alliances and global events for players to participate in. In addition to repeating the previous season, we will also ensure the health of the game by adding new clothing activities and carrying out some small-scale upgrades