Uncover the richest man in China’s currency circle: selling houses and buying bitcoin makes 100 times!

If you invested in bitcoin a long time ago and held it all the way to the present, you really make a lot of money. Last week, bitcoin crossed the $60000 integer mark, up more than 1400 from the low of March last year (about $4000). Due to the extremely strong profit-making effect, institutional investors' interest and speculative demand are increasing.

“Bitcoin’s resilience has proved legendary,” said Antonio trenchev, co-founder of NEXO, the cryptocurrency bank in London. Each correction is an opportunity to reset and restart the upward trend. “

Uncover the richest man in China's currency circle: selling houses and buying bitcoin makes 100 times!

On March 14, the price of a single bitcoin exceeded $60000 for the first time. Zhao CHANGPENG, CEO of coin an, the richest Chinese currency circle and blockchain trading platform, tweeted that he bought bitcoin at $600 for the house selling money in 2014, and will continue to hold it, with a positive price of more than 100000.

According to Hurun, Zhao is worth 21billion yuan.

Several people on the crypto digital asset exchange believe that although bitcoin prices continue to rise, investors need to pay high attention to the high volatility risk of bitcoin prices. In the past month, bitcoin has appeared many times after its innovation high, and suddenly there has been a sharp correction trend, which makes many high lever pursuers fall into the risk of opening up.

In addition, investors should pay close attention to the possible price manipulation risks of bitcoin – any big bitcoin household suddenly concentrated selling the position profit leaving the market due to its low liquidity will trigger a sharp fluctuation and decline in a short period of time.