Urgent trademark applications for online drama “my husband”

Recently, iqiyi platform was the first to launch a crossing online drama called "my husband". Because its protagonist introduced many modern concepts into ancient times, it produced many interesting stories. The overall plot was interesting and was widely concerned by netizens. Among them, Ning Yi, the protagonist played by Guo Qilin, also created a shopping mode of "pindaodao" in his own shop, which is more popular because it is similar to pinduoduo's bargaining mode.

A study on the bargaining mode of “fighting with swords” in the husband

Urgent trademark applications for online drama

As a prototype, pinduoduo also noticed the popularity of the play. Its affiliated company, Shanghai Xunmeng Information Technology Co., Ltd., urgently applied for the trademark of “pindaodao”, which is classified as financial property management, advertising sales, education and entertainment, and the trademark status is “trademark application in progress”.

Urgent trademark applications for online drama

Pinduoduo applied for “pindaodao” trademark

Urgent trademark applications for online drama

It is understood that the “knife fight” promotion in the play is based on the turntable lottery. Customers can invite their friends to help them and get a discount by reducing the price by throwing scissors. The maximum discount is free of charge. For a while, a large number of customers rush to the street to invite their relatives and friends to bargain for themselves, making a lot of heat.

Interestingly, in addition to “fighting for the sword”, in this week’s update, the protagonist Ning Yi also founded a mall franchise model. Before that, many of the stalls that joined the preserved egg business became “online stalls” in a flash, and Ning Yi also named it “Suning Yigou” after his wife Su tan’er.

Suning has launched the special activity of “Suning Yigou”

“Suning Yigou” is also a new shopping mode that integrates online and offline shopping. Customers can place orders by selecting color numbers at roadside cloth stalls, and then send them to their homes by specially assigned personnel. It has become an ancient version of e-commerce platform, which is very interesting.

As the prototype of Suning yisco, Suning yisco has also applied for relevant trademarks, and launched a special activity of Suning yisco on the app. Users can search Suning yisco to reach the activity page, which also includes the categories of Su’s cloth shop, Zhuji restaurant and so on.