Valve refuses to release PUA game “super lover 3” on steam

Valve will not sell super love 3 on steam. Now, the company has removed the steam page of super love 3 from the platform, which has collected nearly 62000 wish lists.

Super love 3 is a FMV game that you can use a variety of options to win a date with women.

Valve refuses to release PUA game

Developer Richard La Ruina posted the message on twitter with a screenshot from valve.

Valve refuses to release PUA game

According to the news, valve explained: “steam will not publish real-life porn pictures.” Before the final decision was made, La Ruina had several negotiations with valve and changed the game in some ways, as advised by the lawyer. In another picture showing his response to valve, La Ruina said that all the “feedback” segments that were not reviewed would be removed from the game and said: “please give us another opportunity.” But valve doesn’t seem to give in. The company’s answer was: “we will not sell the game or reevaluate it.”

The super Saint game was launched in 2018 and its sequel is still on steam.

Super sentimental 3 was originally scheduled for February 15, but the release date was delayed due to valve’s assessment of the product.

The demo version of the game was released last month on the first steam game festival in 2021, but it was released for only one hour and was offline. According to LA

According to Ruina, steam suggested that if he resubmitted the reviewed version of the game, they would consider issuing the game. Obviously, it didn’t work.

It’s not the first time super Saint 3 has been rejected. According to La Ruina’s Twitter in February, epic and Gog both declined to launch on their platforms. In 2018, the release of the early generation games on Playstation was also called off.