“Vanishing light 2” developer: early announcement of game will not cancel development

Gone light 2 was released in June 2018 and will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox

One。 In June 2019, techland announced that the game would go on sale in the spring of 2020, but in January 2020, techland postponed it to an undisclosed release date.

Recently, techland announced that they will share a developer update on “vanishing light 2” on March 17. Players can join the “vanishing light discord channel” to watch it first.

Some people expressed concern about this, saying that “this game feels like a hell for developers.”. The official replied, and did not agree with this statement, “the development of” vanishing light 2 “has been in progress, we announced the game too early, but it is not the hell of developers.”

Officials also confirmed that “lost light 2” has not been canceled, nor will it be a preemptive experience.