“Wandering earth” director Guo fan Yijia 9 micro film will appear at the press conference

The first Canada will hold a new product launch in China at 14:00 p.m. on March 24, and officially launch the new series of 1 plus 9 machines. The first plus has officially announced that it has reached deep cooperation with Hasu cameras, which will bring top-level image system optimization for a plus 9 series, and help the plus 9 series become the strongest flagship of 2021 images.

This afternoon, with the official news of heavy weight linkage, Guo fan, director of the stray earth, will present at the scene of a series of 9 plus press conferences, and bring a new micro film “people leaving the moon”.

It is worth mentioning that the person who left the moon is filmed by Guo fan with a series of 9 mobile phones, and will continue to write a video story with the moon.

According to the previous news, under the support of Hasu imaging technology, the one plus 9 series will have a transformation upgrade in image system, not only bring the top-level technology in configuration and algorithm, but also bring countless new functions, including “moon mode”.

Some foreign developers have found some mysterious codes in the new version of the camera application program of oxygen OS (version 6.4.23), which shows that a new version of camera application supports the functions of axis shifting, star awn, super delay, moon mode, peak focusing and so on.

It is important to note that, based on the information known at present, although the series 1 plus 9 has the top-level hardware, it adopts the imx789, imx766 and other sensors, but it is not equipped with a long focus lens with a potential, which will limit the effect of the moon shooting in hardware. On the other hand, it may enhance the imaging effect through special algorithms. Please look forward to it.