“Wang Ren 2” is in the process of repairing

In the 1.27 update of PC version of RenWang 2, team Ninja finally added keyboard and mouse UI to PC version. However, after the patch was released, PC players encountered various problems, such as game crash when running in 4K image quality, and crash when switching to other windows, etc.

In this regard, team Ninja issued an apology statement today (March 17), saying that the development team is solving various problems one by one

“We are currently working to solve various problems encountered by PC version of RenWang 2: full version players.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by these problems, and hope you will be patient and understand. We will share more information when the repair work is done. “

The PC version of RenWang 2: full version, released on February 5, 2021, is a full set of integrated version, which fully includes three large-scale download contents of “awakening chapter” and “remnant photo chapter” of the game, as well as “the battle record of Niu Ruo”, “the legend of seeking demons in Ping’an city” and “the secret history of Taichu warriors”. Support keyboard and mouse customization, compatible with all kinds of game controllers, ultra-hd4k, ultra widescreen display, hdr144hz, 60120fps.