“Wanzhi: Legend” PC beta beta has been launched, RTX 2080ti recommended

Perfect world and developer crytic studies announced that magic:

Legend) PC version has been launched beta beta, and all players can experience it free of charge in epic game mall and arc games. The official game will be available in 2021, logging into PC, PS4 and XBOX


Beta version real-time Trailer:

Players who download the “wisdom card: Legend” in arc games will receive a free “gavony”

Vigilante clothing, summons the strange skin Bruiser, 2 drop props and 2 task props.

Players downloading beta clients in epic mall will get “Moore Ranger” skin and call on skin “moorland Ranger werewolf”

And two drop items, the collection time is up to April 6.

Welcome the old threat, and at the same time, to be a powerful pengluo guest. Play 5 different professions, cast more than 170 spells, travel 5

In different regions, each region has its own unique story plot and campaign.

Unlock, expand, and upgrade various creature summoning, soreries, or permanent enchantment to experience different game styles and themes of magic’s five color mana. Use white mana to control the power of light order, use blue mana to control battlefield, use sacrifice magic and resurrection by black magic power, release anger of Red Mana recklessly, or use green magic power to summon and gain giant beast. Combine these themes into two color deck groups to double your card building potential and pass

More than 150 artifact and equipment support your construction.

There are many dangers in multiple universes, but you don’t have to face them alone. You can take risks with up to two other pengluo guests. After the over world event, there may be mythic encounters and world leaders

Boss) appears for you to face with other players and teams. One day after the victory, go to sanctum to socialize with other penrockies, replenish energy and look for the next multi universe tour group.

About this game

In the online action RPG “Wanzhi card: Legend”, which is based on the multi universe of Wanzhi card, it becomes pengluoke. The old power is so much in the dark that you have to travel through the universe of the card of wisdom, and accumulate enough to defeat this evil force.

In the time and space of divergence, choose your own path, collect unique spells, artifice and equipment to construct a powerful configuration and control the chaos in the battlefield, so as to save multiple universes from the greatest crisis in history.

Become pengluoke

Get up to meet the challenges and save the universe from the biggest crisis in history. Harness the power of five different professions – but don’t worry, you won’t be limited to a single choice. During the game, you can switch between five professions at any time.

Go out of your own way

You will need to travel between multiple space and space and regions to save the multiple universe of the Wanzhi card. But how to travel, everything is yours.

Control chaos

Make quick and strategic decisions on the battlefield of immediate combat. Build spell sets strategically with your card collection, and you will rely on randomly drawn cards in the battlefield to fight. Whether you’re in control of white, blue, black, red, or green magic, your choice will determine how active you are in the battlefield.

Collection and upgrade

Explore and cast countless spells and collect the spells page to make them stronger. Gain and use equipment and artifact to give strength to your routine and create your own game style as you like.

All are easy to hold, and one can support by one tree

Travel alone between time and space, or with at least two other pengluo guests. Prepare unique combat configuration and build team strength.

PC configuration

Minimum configuration:

Windows 8.1

I5 four core, 2.3ghz

8GB memory

GTX 750

Recommended configuration:

Windows 10

I7 eight core 3.2ghz

8GB memory

RTX 2080Ti

Latest screenshot: