“Watchdog: Legion” online mode predicts host players can play today

Ubite updated its online model of watchdog: Legion today. Ps5, PS4, Xbox one, xsxs and stadia users can experience it. PC players still need to wait for some technical problems.

“Watchdog: Legion” online mode Preview:

The watchdog: Legion online mode will provide the following features for all players:

——Free roaming open world cooperation mode, players can team with their friends, up to 4 players. Players can explore London, encounter city events, complete challenges and participate in regional events.

——The new cooperative game mechanism will be adopted for the new cooperation tasks of 2-4 players. It will also give players the opportunity to recruit the perfect team and counter the threat of London on London’s most iconic landmark.

——”Ethnic leaders”, the first four-person cooperative tactical action, requires teamwork and efficiency. It consists of five interrelated narrative tasks, which are designed for the players seeking challenges. Players need to develop strategies and communicate effectively with teammates. Players must also make sure they upgrade gadgets and recruit a strong lineup.

——The first PVP model, spider robot arena. In this mode, four players control the armed spider robot and compete in a high-intensity free competition death competition.

By completing any online activity, players will get XP to improve their rating and unlock rewards such as unique dressing up and influence points to recruit new agents or upgrade their dedsec gadgets.

Video screen: