“Watchdog: Legion” PC online mode online tactical action will be launched soon

Some time ago, Ubisoft said that it encountered a bug that forced the PC version of the online cooperation mode of "watchdog: Legion" to be postponed. In less than two weeks, this problem has been solved, and the PC version of the online mode has been officially launched. In the "watchdog: Legion" version 3.22 upgrade, the manufacturer added a new model for the game, and also fixed some bugs for PC platform and the whole platform.

The online model of “watchdog: Legion” was originally scheduled to go online by the end of 2020, but in November, the manufacturer announced to postpone it to early 2021. The host version was launched on March 9, and the PC version was launched today after being polished. At present, there is a problem affecting the full version, which leads to the “tactical action” mode of ticket skipping. The model is planned to be launched on Xbox, PlayStation and stadia platforms on March 23, and Ubisoft said that the PC version will be launched simultaneously.

Ubisoft said: “we are still optimizing the online mode experience of all platform players. Please look forward to the follow-up updates.”