“Water hydrogen vehicle” is exposed to bankruptcy liquidation new clean energy farce will end

Remember the "hydrogen water car" that was called "water and hydrogen car" in the previous two years? Pang youth, who was now the leader of the time, once claimed subsidies by living in new clean energy sources, attracted social attention for a while. Now Pang youth, the famous leader, once again ushered in his "high light moment", because a subsidiary went bankrupt.

Recently, it is understood that Jinhua youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a vehicle manufacturing entity under the youth automobile group, issued the declaration of claims in the case of bankruptcy liquidation of Jinhua youth automobile issued by the temporary administrator, officially declaring that the company has entered the bankruptcy liquidation procedure.

For Jinhua youth car, going bankrupt seems to be an inevitable outcome.

The news of the unknown youth car, which was suddenly announced in 2019, was offline by the “hydrogen water engine”, which attracted great attention. On May 23, 2019, Nanyang daily issued the article “the water hydrogen engine is off line in Nanyang, and the Secretary of the municipal Party committee points out the praise”. It said that Nanyang water hydrogen engine can be offline, and can make hydrogen in real time through on-board water. The vehicle can only be driven by adding water. The outside world is in a flash of noise and condemns it as a fraud.

In fact, before the popularity of the water hydrogen vehicle network, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a penalty for the new energy vehicles, but Jinhua youth automobile still applied for subsidies after being punished for the fraud. Thus, in 2017, the enterprise was in financial difficulties.

In earlier 2009, Pang youth once publicly said that it was necessary to establish 10 production bases nationwide to achieve a total capacity of 1463000 young cars. The investment covers Shizuishan, Jinan, Lianyungang, Tai’an, Ordos, Liupanshui, Haining and other places, with a total investment plan of 44.4 billion yuan. However, these projects are either in the end, or they are in judicial proceedings, leaving disputes.

Up to now, according to Tianyan investigation, the company has 422 legal proceedings, 76 times listed as the person who was dishonest. Jinhua youth automobile and Pang youth have also been issued 147 consumption restrictions.

It can be said that the current youth car, whether it is the body or the controller, has been crumbling. Many companies controlled by it have many business crises, which makes it difficult to get better. The so-called clean energy “perpetual motive” project entity Jinhua youth automobile announced bankruptcy liquidation, Pang youth and his youth Automobile Group car making farce will end.