What a pitfall! App deducts money in the middle of the night and renews automatically

In order to attract customers, many apps often launch experience activities. It only costs a few cents to experience members for a month. However, when you "collect wool", you must pay attention to the routines.

Recently, many netizens said that they were “automatically renewed” by Jiayuan app, and they were charged 98 yuan late at night to become annual members.

What a pitfall! App deducts money in the middle of the night and renews automatically

Some netizens said that they click a link of 0.1 yuan to become an experience member in the process of short video. “I didn’t pay much attention at that time. I didn’t remember that there was any hint that it would be automatically renewed.” She said that she was deducted 98 yuan without doing anything. “It’s too pitiful!”

After being deducted, I found the automatic payment option and quickly closed it. However, I contacted Shiji Jiayuan and asked for a refund of 98 yuan, but I didn’t receive it.

In this regard, the relevant staff of century Jiayuan replied, “during the Spring Festival, in order to help the majority of people who need to make blind friends understand the platform, century Jiayuan launched a 0.1 yuan experience activity.”

The “free open” option in the middle of the activity payment page is very obvious. There are many lines of small words below the option. Among them, “warm tips” wrote: after the expiration of the probation, automatically become an annual fee of 98 yuan.

The staff member said that many users may not pay attention to watch or understand the corresponding content, and there is a certain possibility of “misoperation”. In the follow-up, there are complaints about refund. We have arranged a special team to deal with the corresponding problems.