What’s it like to be ten billion a year? He Xiaopeng: very painful and empty

"Ordinary family Ma Huateng, return to jiayueting tomorrow, Peking University is still good at spreading Benin... This is a folk joke about all" amazing words "big guys. Now, add the name of he Xiaopeng in this line.

Recently, when he Xiaopeng, founder of Xiaopeng automobile, spoke of 10 billion yuan of income in the media, he said he bought several suites and bought a oceangoing ship. It was painful and empty after the goal was reached.

What's it like to be ten billion a year? He Xiaopeng: very painful and empty

“Many people ask what they will do after they have money. I think I still do the same thing. I bought a ocean boat, which are actually some new toys,” he said

“Bought a few suites, parents four people one set,” he Xiaopeng said, after the goal is achieved, will be very painful, you do not know what your next goal is, will be some empty, some hesitation.

According to public data, he Xiaopeng was born in Huangshi, Hubei Province in 1977, and graduated from computer major of South China University of technology in 1999. Co founder of UC Youshi and President of products of the company.

In 2004, he Xiaopeng and Liang Jie jointly founded UC Youshi and joined Xiaopeng automobile on August 29th, 2017, and became chairman of the board.

On October 10, 2019, the list of 100 rich resources of Hurun was officially released. He Xiaopeng ranked 124th in the list with 25billion wealth, and the increase rate was as high as 150 year-on-year. According to this calculation, he Xiaopeng can achieve nearly 80 wealth freedom.

Tianyan inspection shows that there are 29 companies under the name of he Xiaopeng. Although 10 of them are in the cancellation state, 19 companies in the industry have huge registered capital, mostly at the level of tens of millions, and their scope of involvement includes software and information technology services, business services, research and experimental development, etc., and he Xiaopeng also holds the positions of shareholders.