When Activision Blizzard is laying off employees, CEO’s income is getting higher and higher

According to Kotaku and some foreign media reports, the company saw Blizzard E-sports cut more than 50 people due to the impact of the epidemic, while CEO income has become higher, which will exceed $200million.

It is reported that Bobby Kotick, CEO of the company, will receive a lot of dividends from the company’s shares every year. Now, the CEO’s income has become higher and higher. According to the previous CTW investment group data, due to the contract’s “shareholder value creation bonus” clause, he will receive nearly $200million in income in march2021. The current earnings of the person are linked to the strong performance of recent stocks in the outbreak.

When Activision Blizzard is laying off employees, CEO's income is getting higher and higher

Bobby Kotick, CEO of the mobile Blizzard call of mission series, has gained more dividends by making the company profitable and reaching a new milestone. In 2020, because the price of shares of the company changed greatly, Bobby Kotick also embarked on the path of gradually getting more income, thus making up for the lost part in recent years. He gets tens of millions of income each year, and he will get more income due to the term “shareholder value creating dividend”. The contract was signed in March 2016. So far, the price of Blizzard stock has risen from $32 to $92, which is a relatively high increase.

When Activision Blizzard is laying off employees, CEO's income is getting higher and higher

Although the move to see Blizzard’s share price rise is commendable, it doesn’t mean that CEOs should be paid so well for that achievement alone, said Michael Varner, a researcher at CTW investment group. In addition, TVC Blizzard has also awarded gold medals to reward Bobby Kotick’s past contribution to the company’s shares.

Some trade unions in the United States have been protesting about the high CEO income of big companies. When Blizzard shares peaked last year, many employees published their income details and expressed their hope of getting salary increases in line with the share price. However, in the past few years, TVC has laid off many jobs, cut 800 in 2019, and now has cut at least 50 employees in departments such as electric competition.

Strive for further improvement in the recent layoffs, although activ Blizzard officially compensated wages, health insurance and $200 war net gift cards, Kotaku editors still make complaints about the matter at the end of the article: the compensation for Blizzard can enable the employees to buy the “watchman” skin during the unemployment period, so that CEO can get a higher bonus.