Why can’t flyme 9 clean system kill app open screen ads? Meizu solution

On March 3, Meizu technology officially released 2021 Meizu 18 series 5g dual flagship mobile phones, Meizu 18 and Meizu 18 pro, the former positioning the small screen full blood flagship, the latter as the ultimate flagship of the year.

Meanwhile, the Meizu 18 series are equipped with flyme 9 safety and purity system, which is called “0 wide and 0 push 0 pre installed” will bring a fresh and pure experience for users.

Why can't flyme 9 clean system kill app open screen ads? Meizu solution

However, there is no advertising for Meizu mobile phone itself, but many apps have started advertising. Generally, it is 3-5 seconds. Although it can click “skip”, it is still very diaphragmatic for many users of pure habits.

Recently, on the netizen put forward suggestions: pure system, if there is any way to apply fast start? Now every application basically has the open screen advertisement wait for several seconds.

In response, product manager triman replied: open screen advertising is the business logic in the third-party application, and the system should be neutral, otherwise there is a suspicion of damaging fair competition.

In addition, Meizu also answers other questions about pure system:

Q1: think that the allowed permissions can be further subdivided.

A: It is one of our goals to refine authority management. Some users with permission can choose to allow once, allow when using, and add empty data authorization. The original notification permission that does not need user confirmation is also handed over to the user for decision, and the storage will also be managed in detail. When users make the decision on permissions, too many difficult to understand options will also cause some problems. We will try to balance the user’s choice right and ensure smooth use experience.

Q2: is the safety and purity system cut off all interference from the root? Only after updating flyme 9 did some applications find that they take up very high access frequency.

A: The goal of security and purity is to reduce the privacy risk of users and reduce the interference to users. It is an ideal state to cut off all interference. The application of the behavior system is obviously unreasonable for intelligent interception, but in the actual use scenario, which application push is necessary service, which application location is normal demand, different users have different answers, and the system can not arbitrarily make decisions on behalf of users. Therefore, we will show the application behavior, and provide users with sufficient management conditions, so that the right of choice is always in the hands of users themselves.

Q3: the software chamber of Commerce will not be so active in the adaptation of Meizu

A: Now the hardware specifications of mobile phones are relatively uniform, and there is no need for too many special applications to be compatible with the operation.