“Wild escort ol” double reward in all free mode tasks

People across the five states want to make their way in the world, but they need to hire people to help them: sincere pioneers and crafty opportunists. This week, visit Hamish, flaco, Sadie or any other stranger on the map and help them earn double RDO and experience.

Triple experience is in the hiding place of the gang

When the criminals on the border are exposed, we must get rid of trouble and calm down chaos. Be sure to be vigilant in free mode. You can get triple experience by cleaning up any local gang hideouts during the journey. Considering that you are doing harm to the people after all, this is a very good deal.

Awards for bootleggers, peddlers and naturalists

In the next seven days, you can get a 20% discount on any senior or outstanding professional goods if you complete a task of selling bootleggers or vendors.

Now is the best time for enterprising traders and those who revel in the wealth of nature. Just look at this week’s awards: all naturalists need to do is play red dead this week

Online mode, you can get a complete sample of the legendary ghost mountain lion, which is gaith McMillan’s dream item.

·If the collector wins the favor of Mrs. Nazar, a mobile businesswoman, he can get five American wild flowers.

·All bootleggers will receive 5 free malt syrup supplements and a 20% discount on a novice or novice bootlegger item.

·Vendors who seek substantial profits will receive 2 rewards (25 items for each).

Fenwater jacket

Hopman vest

Morning meeting Tuxedo

Strickland boots

The Baroque Spurs

Wide top hat

Hoop skirt

Kangqiao pants

Gardenia cap

All professional attire and all hats 30 off

Refined binoculars 40 off

Wilderness camp 40 off

All carts (except hunting carts) 40 off

Condenser and polished copper upgrade 40 off

Reward for relocation of booths

Prime gaming benefits

Red Dead online players who bind Rockstar Games social club account to prime game can get the following rewards:

·A free bounty hunter card

·A reward for dressing Lavender bounty hunter’s carriage

In addition, players only need to bind to prime game before April 12 to get a 70% discount on a designated multipurpose horse, a 70% discount on a designated horse care manual in the black market and a 60% discount on all saddles.