“Wolf 4” 25th anniversary Costume: perspective high-tech underwear

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the puzzle wolf series, puzzle wolf 4: the time has come to launch two new skins, crash and coco.

The “bar” provided this time

Bones “skin can be obtained after completing the second level of the game, so that the ancient puzzle wolf can get perspective effect, so that players can see the bones under their fur. But obviously their underwear is perspective proof.

There are 30 sets of costumes available in ancient wolf 4, ranging from Retro costumes to weather suits, and all of these costumes can be obtained by completing the tasks in the game.

Some of the costumes can be obtained by directly completing the level, but some of them need certain skills. For example, some costumes need players to find the designated props in different levels. This way of getting clothes makes players who worried about Micro Trading in the game relax.

“Puzzle wolf 4: the time has come” officially launched Xbox series X, ps5 and NS platforms today, and made a lot of changes. This work will also be launched on PC platform at the end of this month.