“Wushuang 5” story, new generals and game system intelligence release

Today (March 11), glorious tekumo announced the story of the Chinese version of "unparalleled 5 of the Warring States period", the intelligence of the new military general and the intelligence of the game system. The Chinese version of ps4switch will be on sale together with the Japanese version on June 24, 2021 (the steam version will be on sale in the future)
[the story]

In Muromachi era, the Yingren rebellion in the first year of Yingren (1467 Gregorian calendar) began the Warring States period, and the following scenes were staged in Japan.

Many years of war have brought many tragedies. In the troubled times, powerful people have emerged. Among them, imagawa Yiyuan, the leader of daimyo, sent troops to escort Tokugawa Jiakang, the legitimate son of neighboring daimyo, as hostages. While everyone was watching Yiyuan’s movements, one of them was looking down on his every move.

This person is Wei Zhang Daming, the head of Zhitian family, Xinchang Zhitian. Xinchang and childhood sweetheart’s left front Tianli family raided the Sichuan army to capture Jiakang, and the story began——

[main role]

Nobuta Zhitian CV: Nobuta Shimazaki

Wise light show CV: Luchuan light

Yuchai Xiuji CV: Youxiang Shangcun

Tokugawa Jiakang CV: Mrs. tosaka

Imagawa Yiyuan CV: naicun Jianci

Nongji CV: Fujii

CV: Takano malijia

Saida Shengjia CV: Takemoto Yingshi

Saito Lisan CV: Takeo Sakata

Asai Nagai CV: Shintani Haoshi NEW!

Maeda Lijia CV: Little Sike!

Ashi CV: Maeda love New!

BENDUO Zhongsheng CV: Kobayashi NEW!

[game system]


The act of moving quickly to kill an enemy. It can be used as a starting point to start a battle by concentrating the enemy company’s ordinary attacks.

Flash technique

Flash is a powerful action used by the consumption scale in combat. It can be equipped with up to four kinds of flash. The attack power, effect range and effective enemy soldiers of various flash skills are different, which can be selected according to the battlefield or preference. In addition, cancel the action to launch the flash can be used to maintain the combo. According to the flash performance, there is a cooling time between two uses.

The Chinese version of ps4switch “unparalleled Warring States 5” will be on sale together with the Japanese version on June 24, 2021 (steam version will be on sale in the future). Interested players can click here to view the Chinese official website.



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