Xbox game pass cloud game service will be launched on PC and IOS soon

When can players stream games on PC and IOS devices through Xbox game ultimate license cloud game business (former xcloud service)? We know Microsoft is now testing the browser based cloud streaming service, but when will the full version be released? Now Microsoft has given some answers. In the overview video on Xbox game ultimate pass cloud services business, Kevin, vice president of Microsoft Engineering

LaChapelle describes the prospects for this service to be released on pcios devices.

Xbox game pass cloud game service will be launched on PC and IOS soon

“We have announced that we will bring the ultimate Xbox game license cloud service business to IOS and PC platforms this year, so we can’t give a specific date for now, but Don’t wait too long. “

Kevin said that in the video, he blinked playfully, suggesting that the service for pcios should come soon. This month, Xbox game passes are frequently used, and Microsoft added many of the last year’s major action games and 20 Bethesda games to the service.

Microsoft promised to log Xbox cloud games to PCs and IOS this spring, basically within the last three months.

“In spring 2021, we will take a step further on the journey, and let cloud Games be part of Xbox’s ultimate license business to log in to windows through Xbox apps and browsers

PC, and login to IOS device through mobile web browser. With billions of devices on the way to Xbox ecology, we can see a seamless experience that all types of players can participate in. “